Operation Sight National Sight Week

ASCRS Foundation to Sponsor National Sight Week initiative (October 24–28).

Operation Sight is the ASCRS Foundation’s domestic charitable cataract surgery program. Its mission is to assist uninsured American patients who can’t obtain cataract care on their own. By leveraging the combined strength of established charitable organizations and ASCRS-member volunteer surgeons, Operation Sight provides needed care to those unable to access or afford surgery.

Stephen Lane, MD co-chair of the ASCRS Foundation and Director of the Operation Sight initiative, explains: “We’ve all seen the heartbreaking photos of cataract-blinded patients in the developing world, but many forget that there is a similar need right here at home. Although they often go unnoticed, many Americans still fall outside the traditional safety nets. The future is especially bleak for cataract patients who lack private insurance and are not eligible for government care.”

The National Sight Week effort hopes to broaden the growing Operation Sight network of volunteer surgeons, and to address a nationwide backlog of needy cataract patients across the United States. The ASCRS Foundation facilities the process through administrative and financial support. “The ASCRS Foundation’s Operation Sight initiative offers a solution by matching eligible patients with volunteer ASCRS surgeons working right in their own communities,” says Dr. Lane.

For more information on National Sight Week or questions on patient eligibility, contact Evelyn Morales at 703-591-2220 or by email.